Friday, 26 May 2006

Water logged!

The resort we stayed at was really lovely.
There was a kids club, so the boys went there for the morning 10 -12.
The resort had a series of waterslides where the last one ended up in the sea (with stairs to get back up from the cliffs), an olympic size swimming pool, a kiddie pool with 2 spa pools, and a kidney shape pool. Hard choice to decide which pool to swim in! So we decided to swim in all of them over the course of the afternoon.

one of the waterslide pools (4 in all)

the kiddie pool.

the Olympic pool.

the kidney shape pool

After Kids Club we headed down to the waterslide pool. Each pool had a life guard on duty when the pool was opened. The waterslide pool was only open certain times of the day, and was closed when the tide was going in and out so no one was slammed into the cliffs on the last slide. When we got there, the water slide was closed, so instead we went to the pizza restaurant on the edge of the cliffs and had lunch! Great pizzas in Sicily!

After lunch the boys had a few turns at the waterslide, then we the rest of the afternoon we went to each different swimming pool.

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