Friday, 19 May 2006

Tumbler Block quilt top

Here is a picture of the top of the quilt I have been working on for the past 2 weeks. I am really pleased with how it looks...single size quilt, with a lot of overhang on the end!
Busy trying to make the backing with some of the scraps and other pieces of purple fabric that I have left over from other backings. So far it looks quite good.....just a bit more to add for the back to get the width.
This one was a tricky one to photograph..only being 5'2" (and a half), makes it hard to photograph quilts that are lying on the floor. So I stand on a chair

Attempt number 1. Me standing on a chair trying to fit the whole quilt into the digital screen.

Attempt number 2. Me standing on a chair with the camera stretched out as high as I can (and not being able to see the screen of the camera.

Attempt number 3. Give up and pin top to quilt hanging on the wall...still it hangs on the floor. Well that's as good as you will get today!


Shelina said...

That is a very pretty quilt. Great job! I fully understand about having to stand on a chair to take pictures, on tiptoes! I'm 5'0" myself, so I was laughing along with you.
I'm trying to figure out how to piece the back to my current quilt too.

~Kim~ said...

Wonderful finish Nicole! Never saw a design like that.. Im going to have to research and find out how to do that.. dont know why but Im stuck on Log Cabin type quilts lately (maybe cause they are so simple). I need to get back in the quilting "jive" again! :)


lisette said...

this is so beautiful nicole - the colours are lovely and i especially like the secondary patterning - well done! i have to stand on a chair to photograph my quilts too - hanging them in a tree can work well - if you have the right shaped tree!

Joyce Livingston--a true romantic at heart! said...

Hi, Nicole...I see you are a quilter. You might want to check out my blog: Yesterday, I began posting a quilt block a day, and will be posting them daily for the next several weeks. Also, you might pass this word on to others. Up until I began to be published in inspirational romance fiction, I traveled the country lecturing and teaching on quilting, and I've had numerous articles in quilting and craft magazines. By the way, I love your pics. PRETTY!

Joyce Livingston, author
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