Saturday, 27 May 2006

Sicily's belly button is an Outie

The town of Enna is called the belly button of Sicily. It sits in the middle of Sicily, on top of a mountain. This was the first stop on our 'tour' of Sicily. We had been driving for about 3 hours - we left the hotel and passed through Palermo (with all the crazy traffic - not as bad a Cairo, but certainly very interesting!), then turned into the centre of the island.

As we reached Enna, it is described as a town that sits atop a pyramid with the top cut off - and that was about right! It sat high up on a mini mountain, and we left the highway and climbed up some narrow, winding roads to the town centre. Driving through one-way streets (that would have been narrow for a donkey-cart!) we found a park and toured the town on foot.

One of the wider streets in Enna!

We found a lovely old church, a few interesting piazzas (not pizzas, town squares!) and the castello (castle). We stopped at a small cafe for a coffee and a rest, then back on with the touring!

The Enna Castello

We re-joined the highway (always an interesting experinece!) and headed for Catania - as we drove down the road we had a wonderful view of Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe. It looks like it is covered in snow, but it is simply the ash and pumice. The boys were fascinated by it.

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