Friday, 19 May 2006

3rd angel complete

Here is the3rd angel in the series..."Love", and I have started on the 4th "Hope". These are really nice to be stitching on. I am using lots of thread, because it is a large idea what size fabric, it was someting I pulled out the stash. So I am using 3 strands of cotton. Phil cannot believe I actually ran out of a few colours (I have 2 of almost every DMC colour). So, he was a bit shocked when I said I needed to buy some more! :)
mmm...DMC have released some new colours...may have to do a bit more shopping! I get a lot of stitching done on Sunday and Tuesday nights, when we stay up until 11 to start watching the latest episode of 24 and Lost. So I need to do something to keep me awake!

well...I hoped to add a piccie, but the photo thing is playing up...will try again in a bit

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