Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Olympic site, BMWs and coffee

The hotel proved to be very comfortable and we all had a great night's sleep. The breakfast in the morning was basic, but hearty. Very continental, with the only hot things being boiled eggs, coffee and hot chocolate. After that, it was cereal, cold meat, cheese, rolls and the like. Just what you need before heading out into the sleet and snow!

Alexander was given the job of getting us to the Olympic stadium so we could go up the Olympic tower. After consulting the maps, he took us back to the main railway station, and onto the underground. changing trains once, we successfully made it to the Olympic park. With the ground covered in snow, we made our way to the tower and went up for a look over the city. There was almost no-one there - only one other family, and it was a bit grey and foggy, so we really didn't see too far (but the kids still loved it!).

After this, we went to the BMW museum. It is currently in temporary accommodation, due to renovation, and only a small selection is on show. However the boys were really interested in all the cars and motorbikes and afterwards were continuously pointing out BMW's on the streets of Munich (which, by the way, is a lot!).

We then caught the subway back to the middle of town, where the town-hall has the world's largest glockenspiel that chimes at certain hours. We got there a bit early and tried to find a cafe for a late 'morning tea'. After walking around the middle of town for a while, and surprisingly finding no cafes (there are more cafes in Revesby village than in Munich, I think!) we found one opposite the town hall. It was so packed that we gave up - we certainly would not have been served before the Glockenspiel show on the hour.

Instead we went to the front of the Town hall and found a tiny cafe that served probably the best coffee that we have had in Germany. Aussie coffee (from its Italian roots) normally beats German coffee hands down!

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