Friday, 14 April 2006

Legoland rides

Here are some of the rides we went on....

On the boat rides...Cameron is getting better at steering, we only got stuck twice!

We saw 2 4D movies....the 3D glasses, and the 4th dimension was snow falling from the ceiling, streamers, blowing wind etc...the kids were amazed. They kept reaching out to touch the things that were popping out at them

This one, we all went on, and got soaked through (about 6 degrees that day), they had a big hay bale dryer nearby that you could get into and get dry in 3 minutes!

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Mel in Dubai said...

Wow!! Legoland looks like so much fun!

I loved reading about your Easter trip to Munich. I've been there once many years ago and would love to go again. Your pics of the Hofbrauhaus bought back memories too ... albeit slightly fuzzy ones - lol!