Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Glockenspiels and Sleet

A shop front where you can get any type of traditional beer stein in any size and design!

The Catholic Frauen Church

We had a good spot on Marionplatz - far enough back that we could see the Glockenspiel and at the right angle so the sleet didn't get us in the face... and we waited patiently for the famed Glockenspiel show.

The clock struck the hour, the church bells rang...and we waited.... A few minutes past, the glockenspiel (apparently the largest in the world) started up. Maybe the little figures were too cold to start on time?

Well, it was not worth standing in the sleet for. If it was warm, and I had an ice-cream or a beer, then OK, but when I could no longer feel my fingers?? Not. With clear agreement, we headed inside the Town hall to get warm. We went up the tower and had a look around the city. It was a great view. It was possible to see a lot of the key city sites from a different perspective. Being outside, and up high in the breeze, this was also cold but certainly worth doing!

One of the 3 remaining city gates

We then continues our tour by walking through the markets, down to the city gates and then off to the famous Hofbrauhaus! Where Phil had a large beer, and Nicole and the kids had a large Sprite!

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