Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Lizzie Kate Angel Stocking

Finally got around to starting the Xmas stocking I had hoped to finish for Christmas 2005! Only 3 months behind.....This is what I have stitched last night and snuck in a bit more this morning while waiting for a chocolate cake to cook! I really like these Lizzie Kate designs. I love how quick they stitch up.

I am hoping to have this stitched up before the flame dies at the Closing Ceremony for the Commonwealth Games (a challenge from a cross stitch group I am involved with). I was hoping to watch lots of the Commonwealth Games and cheer for the host nation! Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! But we have no coverage here....not even a mention on the UK Sky News.....perhaps it has to do with the medal tally?? But I am getting cricket scores (cause they look like they might win LOL). At least I can get the latest news on the official website It's not the same...but better than nothing!


~Kim~ said...

Great progress on LK Angel Stocking, you will be done in no time :) Christmas is only 9 months away! You will have plenty of time to finish..;)


Anne said...

Love the tulips, such beautiful colours. Your LK Angel is looking good. Thanks for the link to the Games, we get no coverage here either. Happy Stitching

Mel in Dubai said...

Love the tulips!!

Great progress on your L*K stocking too :)

We don't get any Commonwealth Games coverage either although we did hear the top 5 medal tally on the car radio news last night while stuck in traffic!

Jenn said...

Your L*K is looking good. I agree with you they do stitch up nice and quick. :)

The Aussies don't 'Oi' like the British after their chant. They "Oink". My DH is Australian and he tells me that they do it to be different from the British (he said Anti-British but, I didn't like the way that sounded.) :)