Saturday, 11 March 2006

Ice Cream and Cake afterwards

After bowling we took the kids to the ice cream shop for ice cream and cake. I had booked a couple of tables...(again on the telephone..I am getting a bit better at speaking German on the phone) I decided to go in a few days before, just to make sure I had actually booked the tables. I tried to ask if they would do a large ice cream cake, or normal chance. So instead I made cupcakes for everyone (this would be easier to give the kids a cupcake each, than try and cut a cake and ask for plates etc). they didn't look very attractive sitting on top of each other....but they were tasty. After cake and ice cream, we still had another 1/2 hour before parents were coming to pick the children up. Alexander opened his presents from his friends and we all had another drink. The kids sang lots of songs from their music classes and the school production they are all practicing for. What a great party!
I am having trouble loading photos at the moment...will post then later!

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