Saturday, 31 December 2005

New Years Eve

Saturday, we decided to catch a train to Brighton for the day. From the local train station we were lucky to get an express train that only stopped at 2 stations. So we manged to get to the beach by the morning. Strange sand, just pebbles. No wonder everyone hires deck chairs to sit and lay in...I can't see those pebbles being very comfortable on a hot day! We had a lovely walk along the boardwalk. Alexander and Phil went to the end of a small pier, a wave came in and splashed up the side of the pier, drenching both of them. They both came back to the start of the pier, dripping water from their jackets and Phil's face looked like he had just had a shower. We howled with laughter, (Phil and Alexander didn't!) We went to the Brighton Pier, which has an amusement park at the end, which was quite nice. Mum and Dad got a couple of text messages from Melbourne, wishing them a Happy New Year (it was 12am in Melbourne), so technically they were on a beach for the New Year....just not Rosebud/McCrae, Victoria, Australia (where they would normally spend New Years Eve) : ) We wandered around the Brighton area, before getting some take away sandwiches to eat on the train back to London.
The boys, Phil and I checked out of the hotel in the afternoon and caught a train down to Kylie and Rob's for New Years Eve. We thought it would be easier to stay the night there, than try and get back to the hotel late at night...there was a train/tube strike, and it all looked too hard to get back. Mum and Dad stayed the extra night, and had a cab booked for get to the hotel where their European Winter Wonderland Bus Tour was beginning from...they had to be at the hotel by 5.30am, leaving at 5.45am! So were not going to see them in the morning anyway.
We had a quiet New Year's Eve, Oliver, 1 year old, was a party animal and stayed awake until after the fireworks. Alexander and Cameron went to bed at about 9pm.
Happy New Year Everyone! Have a good one!!!! :)

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Gosia said...

Just wanted to say hi to a fellow stitcher in Berlin :)

Have a wonderful year and lots of crafty Happy Dances in 2006 :)