Friday, 9 December 2005

Decorating the Xmas tree

Got all the decorations out, including new ones we bought at the Xmas market last Sunday to decorated our tree. What fun! Each year the boys choose a couple of Xmas decorations that they like and they have started to get a great collection of decorations over the years. This year Alexander chose Santa on an aeroplane, and Santa in a helicopter. Cameron chose Santa and a Snowmen on a shooting star, and a gold reindeer. The boys chose a Santa in a hot air balloon for Phil, and I found a sewing machine Xmas decoration! We are not going to follow the German tradition of lighting real candles on the tree, that just sounds too dangerous, although me German friends insists I have to do it that way....Sorry Ingrid!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole,Phil, & boys
Nicole your mother wants to no if something can be set up on the floor around the xmas tree, are there any spiders in the tree?.
We are getting excited to see you all, your mother is getting a migrane thinking of all she has to do before we leave.I am setting up rosebud this week-end.
Love Nana & Pa.