Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Driving in Mallorca

We wanted to do a bit of touring of Mallorca, instead of just seeing the inside of the hotel we were staying at. Phil braved the roads of Mallorca, driving on the wrong side of the road! With a very limited map, we trekked off....The lady at the car rental shop told us not to worry if we ran into anything. She says the staff do more damage than the tourists! Well, she hasn't met our children......after 1/2 hour of winding roads, Cameron threw up everywhere! Thank goodness we took a couple of large bottles of water with us (although Evian water is really too good to be used to wipe away vomit!) Other than that, we had a good look around the island. Some of the homes are built right on the edge of the road. Also large stone walls line some of the roads, and there is no where to stop. Sometimes I felt I could stick my hand out the window and touch these homes and walls! This was a common site outside our car as we were driving aroundthe island!

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