Sunday, 20 November 2005

Crossing the border of Germany to Poland

Up early and starting to walk the rest of the way to Poland. At about 9.30 it began to snow, that was great. Although the weather warmed up and then it just drizzled on and off all day! By the time we got to Poland we were looking rather damp!
We made it...about 4pm. We showed our passports to the border attendants, (both German and Polish attendants gave my Aussie passport a really good look, and it took longer to process than everyone else's, the look on their face said "What on earth is she doing here!"). Then we stepped into Poland! Right on the border is a large market. Interesting, but I didn't buy anything. If you smoke you would be able to buy cartons of cigarettes at every second stall....and DVD's and CD's at every other stall. Surely they were copies with Polish subtitles! Lots of clothing stalls and that kind of reminded me of the Victorian Markets. A couple of bottles of Buffalo Grass Vodka were purchased for the trip home on the train! That helped warm us up on our trip back...some of us were warmer than others! We got back to Berlin around 9pm, and I think we all slept well that night! Overall a great trip, feeling sore today, but really glad I decided to do it! Pheobe is thinking about a trip from Hamburg to Ostsee in January/February....I will think about it, although it will be damn cold at that time of the year! You can see how quickly it gets was about 4.10pm! Thanks Pheobe, that was terrific!!!!

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